The Phocuswright Innovation Platform at The Phocuswright Conference

The Phocuswright Innovation Platform at The Phocuswright Conference connects you with all the right people to launch and fund your startup or new product, and to put you in contact with the industry's most innovative and influential people. The platform consists of Summit and Launch.

Early-stage, emerging and established companies compete under the big lights of the main stage for one of travel's most coveted awards.  

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The pinnacle goal of any young company seeking to showcase a new innovation to the travel industry. Summit takes place prime time on the main stage. A total of 24 companies will demonstrate.

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Innovation isn’t just for startups – established companies are breaking new ground and developing new technologies. This is the stage for demonstrators changing the travel landscape within established companies.

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Spots in Summit and Launch are limited and fill up quickly. Apply early and see if you make the cut to take the stage at The Phocuswright Conference. But get ready, the competition is fierce!

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The Phocuswright Innovation Platform

Research, Learning, Networking, Consulting

The Phocuswright Innovation Platform is the only comprehensive platform that allows people to benefit from Phocuswright's longstanding pedigree of tracking travel innovation. We host the entire lifecycle of innovation, from a learning environment to the practical application of travel's next great product. Learn More

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