Power Paradox - The Phocuswright Conference 2018
November 19-21, 2019, Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, Florida
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The Phocuswright Conference 2019

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For 25 years, The Phocuswright Conference has delivered an unbeatable combination of compelling content, top­ tier attendees and an electrified atmosphere. It's where ideas are born, partners are found, strategies are honed, and deals are done.

Conference Theme

Infiltrators from the top echelons of big tech, whose stature dwarfs that of any travel titan, cast shadows in every corner. Who will harness the elusive power of light-speed innovation, stake first claim to the next big platform, and wow the fickle consumer who dreams of the perfect path to the perfect trip? Can massive institutions be malleable innovators? Can the untried dethrone the entrenched?

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Program Highlights

Alt text From blockchain to AI, who's winning in the showdown between the massive and mighty and the new and nimble?
Alt text Discover disruptors: Spot travel’s next big ideas before everyone else does.
Alt text Get the global view: See how mobile travel is shaping up all around the world, from Silicon Valley to Shanghai.


Dara Khosrowshahi Dara
Phocuswright has created its own network effect. Everyone is here. I get to be here for three days to meet - my day is booked - meeting, meeting, meeting - and then you get the opportunity to meet these smaller, innovative companies that you wouldn’t necessarily made the trip out for, but they are here, it’s convenient, very open and I think it’s kind of a self-feeding mechanism.
Jim Hornthal Jim
The whole Phocuswright team does an amazing job. They bring together the thought leaders, the influencers, the decision makers; and it is an incredibly worthwhile place for people that care about what travel technology is and where it is going. It always was that way but I would say that Phocuswright stayed on top of the curve bringing more engagement to the process. The Travel Innovation Summit was a great example of that. And I think that they are always trying to constantly improve themselves and in doing so making The Phocuswright Conference a can't miss event for the travel industry.
Stephen Kaufer - TripAdvisor Stephen
This is one of the few shows I come to, because I get to not only meet my top clients - and usually the CEOs of my top clients - but also the CEOs or CMOs of my top partners, and I get to know the founders and drivers behind dozens of brand new businesses.