About The Phocuswright Conference

For nearly 25 years, the travel industry's most influential leaders from around the world attend The Phocuswright Conference – visionary thinkers and innovators with powerful, groundbreaking ideas among them. You can count on seeing companies like TripAdvisor, Expedia, Delta, Hilton, HomeAway, Hertz and more of the biggest names in every sector of travel. No other conference unites this diverse mix in such an engaging format.

When you attend The Phocuswright Conference, you gain a wealth of knowledge – not only about travel, but technology and innovation as well. You gain lasting connections with the industry's most significant leaders. You gain business partners, funding, investment opportunities and the inspiration to go back to your company to make big decisions – and big changes.
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Action Packed Days

The Phocuswright Conference consists of cutting-edge content from innovator demonstrations and expert workshops to industry influencer panels and exclusive keynotes. The program is broken into three distinct sections, The Phocuswright Innovation series, including Summit and Launch, followed by workshops and Center Stage. If that's not enough to keep you occupied there's the Exhibitor and Innovator Showcase, plus networking breaks, parties and late-night gatherings.
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The Conference in Action

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Phocuswright Innovation Platform

About The Phocuswright Conference - Travel Innovation Summit Panel

Phocuswright analysts carefully screen each candidate to find the best -- there are no “speakers” or “presenters.” Each innovator takes the stage to demonstrate his or her product and face the insightful – and sometimes scathing – review of the Dragons. The Dragons score each company, determining the award winners and runners-up.
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About The Phocuswright Conference - Workshops attendee
During workshops, attendees participate in educational content in an intimate, interactive environment to learn and hone skills. Attendees select the workshops of most interest and watch select sessions via on-demand video.
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Center Stage

About The Phocuswright Conference - Center Stage Speaker
Phocuswright analysts bring their knowledge of the industry’s most important people and issues to Center Stage. Our travel industry expertise and interviewing skills uncover truths, probe for clarity and reject sales pitches. The audience is encouraged to question the speakers – challenging them and providing their own insights.
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Exhibitor and Innovator Showcase

About The Phocuswright Conference - Exhibit and Sponsor
The Showcase is open from Tuesday through Thursday. Attendees are encouraged to explore the exhibitors and innovators to talk about their products or services, learn more, ask questions or meet new partners. The event’s floor plan, traffic flow and audio-visual effects are carefully designed to bring the most attention to exhibiting companies. All sponsorship and exhibition packages have included benefits.
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Young Leaders Summit

About The Phocuswright Conference - The Young Leaders Summit Group Class of 35
An elite group of young travel professionals (aged 35 years or younger) convenes each year at The Phocuswright Conference. These professionals are on the fast track to a management position in the tourism, travel and hospitality industry. They join The Class of 35 to become part of a community with other bright young stars in the industry and to make a difference in their own careers, companies and the industry as a whole.
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