Commitment to Social Responsibility

Phocuswright is committed to lead by example through efforts in offsetting the carbon footprint of our in-person events, supporting responsible tourism and sustainability through education and performing arts partnerships, reducing and reusing waste, creating diverse and inclusive events and more.

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Leading by example

Made possible by iSeatz and Thrust Carbon.

Phocuswright is committed to being a leader in environmentally-conscious events by taking proactive, voluntary measures.

We are offsetting the carbon footprint of The Phocuswright Conference including waste, power and water usage, food and beverage and transportation emissions of every attendee.


Responsible operations

We offset the carbon footprint of the entire event, including every attendee's emissions from flights, ground transportation, water usage and waste, plus the emissions from producing the conference.

We are working with the host hotel and sustainability organizations to calculate emissions to offset, focusing on reducing and reusing where possible, as well as opting for digital signage when applicable.


"Inclusivity & accessibility at the forefront"

Conde Nast Traveler included Phocuswright Conference host city Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in their "Bright Ideas in Travel 2023" list for the tourism board's marketing campaign "Everyone Under the Sun" focused on " showcasing accessible beaches, LGBTQ+ neighborhoods and museums, drag shows, and Black-owned restaurants." Phocuswright is proud to host attendees in a city that puts inclusivity and accessibility at the forefront of its identity and reasons to visit.


Elevating and amplifying the voices of female founders

Phocuswright is collaborating with Nina Kleaveland from "Female Founders in Hospitality", Rita Varga from "Raizup", and Iris Serbanescu from "wmnsWORK" to curate a compelling program tailored for female founders.

The goals are to:
  • Elevate and amplify the voices of female founders in the travel technology industry, showcasing their contributions, innovations, and leadership roles.
  • Foster an inclusive environment where female founders can connect with peers, mentors, potential investors, and industry stakeholders to build meaningful relationships and partnerships.
  • Not only spotlight the contributions of female founders but also to create a sustainable ecosystem where they can thrive, collaborate, and inspire others.


A diverse and inclusive event

Phocuswright is working with organizations to improve diversity in the audience. The Philip C. Wolf Memorial Scholarship offers tickets and hosts attendees that better represent the diversity of the travel industry and its global representation.

The Diversity in Leadership Program is designed for travel executives and leaders that want to shape more inclusive teams and diverse leadership. The session is open to all attendees interested in shaping more inclusive teams that are reflective of customer needs, built for resilience, innovation, profitability, and are sustainable into the future.


Sustainable initiatives

Communities around the world have been hard hit by the pandemic and Phocuswright’s sister company, WebInTravel and their “WiT for Good” initiative has an ongoing partnership with Cambodian-based Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPSA) supporting responsible tourism and sustainability through education and performing arts.

Phocuswright has partnered with this social enterprise to produce sustainable lanyards for many Phocuswright events.

Research on sustainability

Recently, consumers’ interest in greener, sustainable lifestyle habits has surged. In the travel industry, aligning with consumers’ expectations around sustainable practices is key. While the global pandemic forced leisure travelers to take fewer trips and alter their typical traveling style, purchases and attitudes vary by country and demographic.

This report has an overview of current sustainability practices prevalent in the travel industry, challenges and solutions, suggestions for innovation and the impact of sustainable choices and practices on business success.
Green Travel Innovation Now (Yes, Now!)

This research explores consumers’ trip-planning and purchasing behavior in the frame of sustainability. This includes the environmental impact of the travel products they select, and their attitudes toward environmental conscientiousness for future travel.
Sustainability in European Travel 2021

CEO-driven business commitment

Phocuswright's parent company Northstar Travel Group is a member of CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion. It's the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and includes the I Act On pledge for any individual to take.