Attendee Feedback

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Attendees consistently praise The Phocuswright Conference. Here's what some of last year's attendees had to say:

Overall Praise

It is THE place to be if you work in travel.

Phocuswright continues to be the must attend event for those who want to know what's happening in the online travel space and what the future holds.

Definitely worth attending. Phocuswright gives you the opportunity to see all the new innovations in the market, meet with competitors, get an update on the industry, and meet a bunch of new people all in three days. The sort of access you'd never get by staying in your office.

The Phocuswright Conference is an unparalleled opportunity to keep abreast of the latest trends in travel and to network with peers and old/new friends in the sector.

Excellent, inspiring event. Leaders of outperforming companies on stage in a unique format. To-the-point presentations and discussions on stage.

Worth every one of the 9,000 kilometers I traveled to join the conference.

A great confluence of the travel fraternity coming together to exhibit, share and grow.

The only place you need to be, all year long.

The Phocuswright Conference is a key event for those who want to be successful in the tourism industry. It's a good chance to be inspired by success cases and have access to those who have already succeeded.

The buzz has always been palpable and now it has become a deafening roar that cannot be missed.

Networking & Deal Making

The Phocuswright Conference has been once again a fantastic opportunity to meet industry leaders and grow our business.

The Phocuswright Conference was a great opportunity to network with top travel and hospitality brands and C-level contacts. Similarly, with the startup presentations, you get to see where the future of travel lies.

Attending The Phocuswright Conference created robust leads and connections to my business program. My company will greatly benefit from the networking forged at the conference!

MORE Networking

In my opinion, The Phocuswright Conference is the best event of the travel market. It's a place where all the decision makers meet and are able to actually do business. Our company has already closed some important deals during the conference, that's why we attend it every year.

The Phocuswright Conference is the single most important travel conference any business leader could attend. It is the ultimate combination of powerhouse people and relevant strategic content. Every major relationship we have built has been as a result of The Phocuswright Conference and the people with whom we've connected.

Big fan of The Phocuswright Conference. Can do three business trips' worth of meetings in one trip.

One trip + conference ticket, allows me to save the cost of at least 10 trips and the caliber of attendees is top-notch.

Startup Success

As a startup, The Phocuswright Conference gave us a unique opportunity for feedback and publicity. They worked with us to hone our message and seemed genuinely invested in the outcome. We were impressed by the organization and passion of the Phocuswright team.

As an early stage startup, I was apprehensive about the cost. But I came away from the experience blown away at the mentorship of senior management we would bump into and meeting the other early stage startups.

You can't afford to miss it!

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