OAG Award for AI Innovation

The OAG Award for AI Innovation will be presented to a Summit company that has delivered the most innovative customer-centric solution using AI technology. The winner will be presented with OAG’s Flight Information API Start Up Package that can easily and seamlessly integrate actionable airline schedules and real-time flight status into applications and systems. The Start Up Package is one of many solutions OAG offers to support travel tech innovation. The award-winning company will be presented with a trophy and have access to this bespoke Start Up Package.

About OAG

OAG is the leading global provider of digital flight information and provides accurate, timely and actionable information and applications across the travel sector to the world’s airlines, airports, government agencies, aircraft manufacturers, consultancies and travel-related companies.

OAG has the world's largest network of air travel data, including the definitive schedules database of more than 900 airlines and over 4,000 airports. With the most extensive flight status information database in the market, OAG handles more than 54 million records of flight status updates per year, processes 1.4 billion requests and continues to deliver in excess of 35 million dynamic flight status updates daily.

For more information, visit: www.oag.com and follow us on Twitter @OAG Aviation.