Zizoo, a company that rents out boats listed by individuals and charter companies from 30 countries, gained exposure to travel’s top companies.

The Opportunity

The new travel startup needed to build awareness of, and showcase, their innovative product to the industry, and meet potential partners and investors. This was the challenge – and Phocuswright has proven record of increasing awareness and exposure to investors.

The Phocuswright Advantage

Phocuswright’s Battleground, Summit and Launch places the industry’s most innovative and ground-breaking companies in front of travel’s most influential audience. And having the opportunity to align their brand with Phocuswright gave Zizoo the credibility and confidence customers and new partners need when deciding to work with them.
We were delighted to win two awards at The Phocuswright Conference, and displaying them on our website and marketing collaterals acts as a great seal of approval for us. Trust and reliability are important factors for our costumers, and our associated with Phocuswright helped us strengthen this sentiment and gain return customers.

– Anna Banicevic, CEO and Co-Funder, Zizooboats GmbH

Measured Success

The results cannot be underestimated. As Anna says, “We were thrilled with the results we saw – we made valuable business connections and gained the opportunity to demo our product to a U.S. audience. One of our key successes was onboarding Sam Shank, CEO and co-founder of HotelTonight, as an investor.”
Anna Banicevic during her Phocuswright Innovation Platform demonstration Contact Us for More Information 

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