We'll Take Care of Steps 4 - 7 When You Sponsor or Exhibit

Published June 2017

Rule of 7's Finale

Your product/service helps solve pain points for the travel industry and your marketing campaigns are in full swing to make connections. You know that it takes repeated messages (Rule of 7*) to catch attention. Let The Phocuswright Conference help you with the final four touch points!

  1. Conference Website
  2. Mobile App
  3. Printed Attendee Book
  4. Theater Screen

The Phocuswright Conference will gather nearly 2,000 travel professionals November 7-9 in Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, Florida. Last year, 55% of attendees were C-level executives or vice presidents (with directors being another 23%). These are key decision makers in their companies and the travel industry. These are the people you want to meet. Even better: They want to meet YOU!

So how do you meet them? Place an ad in the printed book, get an exhibit, lead a workshop, host a party, sponsor a networking break, get your logo on the main theater screen, and much more! Each package includes valuable benefits such as the ultimate touch point: in-person attendance with included tickets (and discounted tickets for your colleagues).

Build the Perfect Package

Our team is ready to customize the perfect elements for you – and your budget:

+1 860 350-4084 x505 • [email protected]

Lead a Workshop: Attendees don't want to just network – they want to learn! Workshops are a prime opportunity to share your expertise, experiences and victories to an audience of potential clients.

Create a Home-Base Exhibit: An exhibit structure is the perfect place to meet with so many people over the three-day event. Package elements include logo branding, electricity, Internet, demo monitor, furniture, and more. Exhibit options range from a basic kiosk to a customized booth.

* Rule of 7: An old marketing adage (The Marketing Rule of 7) states that a prospect needs to hear your message seven times before they act to purchase a product or service … it still holds true today.

the largest assembly of travel leaders is the phocuswright conference