In response to the enhanced digital disruption experienced through 2020, there has been a huge increase in businesses upgrading and modernizing their payments platforms globally. There is now an emerging need to show performance in real time, as more and more banks and customers will be looking for nimble platforms that can be agile enough to move, grow and change with them. A new survey, commissioned by WEX and conducted in collaboration with The Economist Group, found that 72% of executives in financial services and technology are more digitally agile than before the pandemic and 83% have leveraged payment technology to innovate new sources of business value. The study, launching on November 9, surveyed over 300 U.S. executives providing data that highlights the growing global shift.

Learn how the pandemic has created the digital payments tipping points with discussion topics such as:
  • How digital agility provided businesses with resilience during the pandemic
  • The rise and benefit of cloud-based solutions
  • How businesses are leveraging payments technology to innovate new sources of value
  • What business customers want from their service providers in this new normal