Arlene Coyle

Senior Vice President, Corporations Sales

Arlene Coyle Senior Vice President, Corporations Sales
Arlene Coyle is Senior Vice President Corporations Sales at Amadeus - Travel Channels, responsible for the growth of Amadeus’s business with enterprises around the world. Her expertise is in managed travel and its evolution, and she is an advocate of how the individual – led by technology, convenience and lack of time – will play a key role in managed travel of the future. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the managed travel and technology industry with a career that has taken her from Amadeus to the world’s leading travel management companies and back.

A self-confessed francophile, Arlene is Irish, loves music, books, travel and technology. Her true passion is her 8-year-old daughter who keeps her feet on the ground in more ways than one. Arlene is an active leader and commentator on LinkedIn and enjoys sharing a point of view on various industry boards.