Moshe Rafiah

TRAVELfusion Ltd.

Moshe Rafiah CEO
Moshe founded Travelfusion in 2000 taking it from a niche travel-tech startup to the world’s leading LCC and NDC Content Aggregator. In 2014 Ctrip (NASDAQ: CTRP) acquired a substantial stake in Travelfusion identifying the Travelfusion technologies as the catalyst for the transformation which will take place in the travel distribution space. Today Travelfusion powers the leading OTAs, OBTs, TMCs and Metas providing them with access to global content from hundreds of LCCs and FSCs together with the most advanced multi-currency payment and settlement system. Travelfusion is fast becoming the global travel transactional infrastructure designed to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving modern distribution landscape. Prior to Travelfusion, Moshe was responsible for setting up and managing the European operations of leading US and Israeli technology companies. Moshe is an international lawyer qualified as a US Attorney (New York State Bar) and a UK Solicitor.


Thursday, November 21, 2019
12:55 PM – 1:20 PM

Executive Roundtable: Air Distribution Confusion - New Rules, New Roles

Ready or not, new standards are affecting all facets of travel distribution. IATA’s NDC and One Order are spurring new approaches to content, business models, customer records and, soon enough, traveler engagement. Is it just a matter of time before the promise of personalized offers, on-the-fly bundles, and dynamic pricing make the current way of selling airline tickets obsolete? In this detailed discussion, stakeholders debate the new facets of airline distribution and their impact on the entire travel distribution landscape.

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