Oliver Heckmann

Vice President, Engineering

Oliver Heckmann Vice President, Engineering
Oliver Heckmann is the Vice President of Engineering for Google’s Shopping and Travel teams. In Travel, Oliver oversees all products at google.com/travel, including flights, hotels and things to do.

His teams are based in Mountain View, Cambridge, Pittsburgh, Bangalore, Munich and Zürich.

Before working on Travel and Shopping, Oliver was a VP based in Zürich, leading the global YouTube Creator teams. Before joining Google in 2006, he led a research team at the Multimedia Communications Lab in Darmstadt / Germany. In 2004, he won an award for the best German Computer Science Dissertation.


Wednesday, November 20, 2019
9:40 AM – 9:55 AM

Tech Talk: Google

We're in a new era of change with AI and machine learning. These technologies can help solve a range of problems from healthcare to agriculture and travel. In this tech talk, Oliver Heckmann shares his thoughts on the opportunities that AI and machine learning provide and how we can all innovate for the future.

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