Aaron Gowell

Chief Conductor
SilverRail Technologies

Aaron Gowell Chief Conductor
Aaron is a technology entrepreneur and the Chief Conductor at SilverRail.

Until recently an Expedia company, SilverRail is now an independent company following a successful management buyout lead by Aaron in October 2020.

SilverRail's mission is to make rail – the ultimate in sustainable, connectable and connected travel - easy to buy and sell.

SilverRail's search and booking platforms powered over 1B rail searches and 25M rail transactions globally last year and this year SilverRail is in robust shape, proving resilient in the face of the Covid storm and indeed turning profitable earlier this year.

Poised and ready for the continuing shift in travel behaviours and inevitable upturn in the travel market, Aaron and his team at SilverRail are looking forward to the future and the potential to make it a better one for all. Watch this space!

Prior to founding SilverRail, Aaron built and sold National Leisure Group (NLG), worked at Bain and Company and was a founding member of General Catalyst Partners, a leading VC in online travel.