Charlotte Lamp Davies

A Bright Approach

2022 Phocuswright Conference speaker

Charlotte Lamp Davies Founder
Why I'm Committed to DEI:

"Moving the diversity and gender conversation forward has always been close to my heart. it is my strong conviction that the best working environments are shaped with diversity at the forefront. Bringing different cultures, backgrounds, educations and languages to the workplace and environment is a win-win for all...Together we can achieve so much."


-Senior management roles for 20+ years leading sales and marketing teams of up to 30 staff across several continents

-Advocacy for equality and equal pay in the workplace through podcasts and in articles published globally

-Serve on several industry awards committees judging technology excellency specifically

-Serve on several advisory boards facilitating conversations around equality and equal pay

-Currently mentoring a number of young women and men from across the travel sector

-Highly-visible involvement in international events (moderation, speaking) ensuring the program incorporates topics of equality and equal pay where appropriate