Stephen Joyce

Head of Solutions

2022 Phocuswright Conference speaker

Stephen Joyce Head of Solutions
Stephen has been working on the Internet since before it was a thing. He spent much of his early career building websites and platforms for e-commerce, travel, finance, and fashion brands. Later, Stephen Co-founded & was the CEO of Rezgo, a pioneering SaaS reservation platform for the growing activities sector. He is currently the Head of Solutions at Holibob, a travel startup focused on solving the challenge of getting the right product in front of the right customer at the right time. He is a founding Board member of OCTO, an industry association focused on developing open connectivity standards for the activities, experiences, and attractions space. He was the Chair of the Open Travel Alliance for five years and passionately believes that better digital experiences require better communication between platforms. He loves research and the act of discovery. He is an avid public speaker and has spoken at conferences around the World. He is always happy to share his experiences and knowledge and enjoys contributing to the industry at large.

My expertise:
- Organizational leadership
- Leading with Empathy
- Developing and nurturing high functioning teams
- Customer centric product design
- Experiences, Activities, and Attractions Sector
- Connectivity and APIs
- Reservation and booking technology
- Dynamic pricing
- Dynamic packaging
- Channel management