Steve Hafner


2022 Phocuswright Conference speaker

Steve Hafner CEO
Steve Hafner is the co-founder and CEO of His responsibilities include establishing the vision and direction for the company, building a world-class team, and guiding the development of A seasoned executive, Hafner brings extensive knowledge of marketing, e-commerce and online travel to his position at Kayak.

Hafner helped found Orbitz Inc., the online travel agency site, in November 1999. As a member of the original start-up team, Hafner helped develop and implement the company's business strategy. During his four-year stint with the company, he was executive vice president of consumer travel, among other roles, and led the Company's business development, advertising sales, marketing, and product marketing activities.

Previously, Hafner worked as a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, where he managed case teams focusing primarily on healthcare, e-commerce, and industrial goods. During his time at Boston Consulting Group, Hafner was selected for the Ambassador Program for BCG's Stockholm, Sweden office and received the Polaris Award for innovation and outstanding client work.

Hafner began his career at the Marketing Corporation of America, now a unit of Interpublic Group, where he contributed to strategic planning, target marketing and new product development for key pharmaceutical and healthcare clients.

Hafner received a BA in economics from Dartmouth College in 1991 and an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University in 1997.