Earlier this year, Connexions Loyalty and Tavisca joined forces to become an industry-leading powerhouse in travel technology and customer loyalty. With over 35 years of combined expertise, Connexions and Tavisca deliver customer-centric experiences and solutions that integrate our broad travel inventory with cutting-edge, cloud-based travel technology platforms to drive greater value for our clients. With deep development resources and products ranging from transactional booking engines to content sourcing and management tools, we can provide customized solutions to fit nearly any objective.

We're dedicated to helping our clients transform how their best customers engage with their brands through travel technology. Our leading products enable 450+ airlines, 400K+ hotel properties, all major cruise lines, 90K+ travel activities, and 300+ car rental providers across the globe to deliver world-class content and inspired user experiences at unmatched scale. Among our clients are preeminent travel brands, 9 of the top 10 U.S. credit card issuers, a top U.S. automaker and numerous global coalition and distribution partners. Together, we deliver over $3 billion in travel content annually and serve over 200 million customers across North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

Tavisca Solutions is headquartered in Pune, India, with a U.S. office in Plano, TX, and employs over 400 technology developers and support staff. Connexions Loyalty is located in Richmond, VA, Eden Prairie, MN, and Plano, TX, with supporting operational centres across the U.S. and globally. You can learn more about our travel technology at www.cxloyalty.com or www.tavisca.com.