OAG is the leading data platform for the global travel industry, powering the growth and innovation of the air travel ecosystem since 1929.
We provide frictionless access to high-quality travel data, helping businesses make smarter decisions and create exceptional customer experiences.We have the world’s largest network of flight information, covering the whole journey from planning to customer experience. Our data shares the why, where, when, and how we fly and travel.
Our versatile platform that provides businesses with the data they need, wherever and however they need it. Our data helps businesses achieve many goals, principally by finding new revenue streams, driving growth across operations, and deepening the relationship with customers.
Our customers include search engines, metasearch, tech start-ups, travel booking sites, international government organisations, global financial institutions, airlines, airports, and travel operators.
Headquartered in the UK, OAG has operations in the USA, Singapore, Japan, China, and Lithuania
For more information, visit: www.oag.com and follow us on Twitter @OAG Aviation