Launched in May, 2013, OYO Hotels is South Asia’s largest and world’s fastest-growing hotel chain, with a presence in India, China, Malaysia, Nepal, U.K. and UAE. Its global footprint currently spans over 350+ cities, 12,000+ exclusive hotels in six countries, including India, China, Malaysia and Nepal. In China, OYO is hosting guests in 171+ cities, 1,000+ hotels, 87,000+ rooms under franchise, manchise and leased format. Globally, it has touched 350+ cities in 6 countries with over 12,000+ hotels and aims to create the most beautiful living spaces in the world.
OYO’s expertise in managing chain of hotels backed by technological innovations and its unique business model, makes it possible for it to offer high quality standardised experiences at unmatchable scale. OYO revolutionized the fragmented and legacy-driven budget hospitality space in India by enabling standardization of services, amenities and in-room experience and its proprietary apps for inventorymanagement, room-service, revenue-management and customer-relationship management.
Over the last five years, OYO hotels has built distribution, operational and transformational, construction capabilities, which makes it possible for it to onboard and transform hotels in a record time of 3-14 days. With a dedicated team of general managers across its assets, OYO’s focus is to improve hotel professional management, occupancy, check-in experience and overall service standards. Additionally, its strong team of civil engineers, undertakes the required construction and renovation work for small, unbranded hotels, and upscales them to quality living spaces.
OYO is committed to focus on transforming the hospitality industry by ensuring a seamless good quality experience for guests and sustainable incomes for asset partners while generating lucrative livelihood opportunities for thousands of people across the world.
OYO is backed by leading global investors, including the SoftBank Group, Lightspeed India, Sequoia Capital, Greenoaks Capital, Hero Enterprise and China Lodging Group.