wemovo - the integrated mobility platform for ground transportation.
We are a B2B mobility platform for ground transportation with current focus in the highly fragmented intercity bus and train industry.
Our mission is to make bookable the inventory of digitized or non-digitized mobility providers, offering an inventory management system for non-digitized providers and API integration for the digitized ones.
Furthermore, considering in general the mobility shifting to the door-to-door approach, we provide journey planning services and integrate different (for now only bus and train) mobility products.
On the other hand the distribution channels such as travel companies get access, by API or our Travel Agency Selling Platform, to a comprehensive, aggregated and harmonized ground transportation inventory.
Over 200 mobility providers, mainly bus operators, are part of wemovo’s inventory and sell their products through wemovo’s distribution channels. For this purpose, wemovo is already connected to the most important online sales partners and over 4000 offline travel agencies across Europe.
Our vision is to be an infrastructure provider for integrated mobility that enables the integration of any business in the travel industry from both, demand and supply side.