Founded earlier this year by travel-tech veteran Tobias Wessels in Silicon Valley, Rebound helps airlines to retain cash and increase customer loyalty with the world's first cash retention platform for the travel industry.

Rebound allows airlines to keep cash by offering customers non-cash alternatives like travel vouchers, status miles or free flight segments. Rebound's algorithms guarantee that travel companies retain their targeted cash-retention rate while keeping opportunity cost as low as possible. Airlines retain cash and ensure that travelers return to them for future travel.

The team at Rebound consists of former airline executives from United, Ryanair, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, IndiGo, LATAM, TuiFly and Scoot. The company has been recognized with several awards, including Airline Information’s Contest for Best Product and Best Pitch and winning the Lion’s Den at the Airline & Travel Payments Summit (ATPS) as judged by Uplift and Amadeus.