Summit - Presented by Brand USA

Under the big lights on the main stage:

✔ One conference ticket
✔ Ten-minute main stage demonstration
✔ Consultation with experts
✔ Logo on conference website and mobile app
✔ Company profile in the innovator booklet
✔ Inclusion in schedule of events
✔ Coordinated social media campaigns
✔ Pre-event article on PhocusWire
✔ Demonstration streamed live
✔ Video recording of on-stage demonstration
✔ Membership to an elite alumni group

Application Deadline: July 31

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Designed for established companies:

✔ Two conference tickets
✔ Six-minute main stage demonstration
✔ Video recording of demonstration
✔ Branded kiosk on the exhibitor floor
✔ URL and logo on the conference website
✔ URL and logo on mobile app
✔ Company profile in innovator booklet
✔ Inclusion in all program schedules
✔ Coordinated social media campaigns
✔ Demonstration streamed live
✔ Pre-event article on PhocusWire
✔ Membership to an elite alumni group

Deadline: August 31

Jim Hornthal

The whole Phocuswright team does an amazing job. They bring together the thought leaders, the influencers, the decision makers; and it is an incredibly worthwhile place for people that care about what travel technology is and where it is going. It always was that way but I would say that Phocuswright stayed on top of the curve bringing more engagement to the process. The Travel Innovation Summit was a great example of that. And I think that they are always trying to constantly improve themselves and in doing so making The Phocuswright Conference a can't miss event for the travel industry.

—Jim Hornthal, Triporati Inc. and Founder, Preview Travel

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