Women’s Leadership Initiative

The Future of Work

Breakfast Event
Wednesday, November 14
7:30 am

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The Phocuswright Women's Leadership Initiative is an essential session for men and women interested in exploring what technology companies need to thrive in the future.

We'll look to the ecosystem of travel technology, innovation and distribution leadership to identify the skills and attributes most needed in the space. Grit? Teamwork? Creativity? Growth mindset? Advocates for internal initiatives share what they are doing to connect and encourage female advancement into leadership in their own companies and throughout the industry.
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Are you involved an a program that advances women’s leadership in your workplace or in the industry? Are you willing to educate others in the industry about your initiatives? Get out front and be an advocate for women in travel technology.

Connect with some of the sharpest minds in the industry and facilitate stimulating conversations.

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What is the purpose of this event?
This event provides a platform for companies who have implemented women's leadership initiatives to share them with others in the industry as Phocuswright LeadHERs. These selected LeadHERs share the details with a table of attendees and be available throughout the event to talk about those initiatives informally. In-line with our "culture of connection," this event is intended to facilitate networking and connection.

What is the content?
During the event, we will explore components of "The Future of Work" – a World Economic Forum study – through the lens of members of the Phocuswright ecosystem (surveyed pre-event). Are the attributes and skills that companies seek globally across industries the same attributes and skills that the travel technology world is seeking? What are the differences? Are there specific initiatives to grow women's leadership?

What is the format?
After a short presentation framing the research, a panel of executives unpacks the findings with a moderator who will engage the audience and create micro-discussions throughout the breakfast.

How can I participate?

  • Complete the survey when it comes out
  • Please attend (more information on reserving your seat will be available mid-October)
  • Attend and bring a colleague
  • Tell people who are attending PC18 to attend and support this initiative
  • If you’re involved in a women’s leadership initiative: apply to be a LeadHER
  • Sponsor the event along with American Airlines
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