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Wednesday, November 18 and Thursday, November 19, 2020

11:00 AM - 11:55 AM Eastern Time (ET)

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The roundtable discussions are an opportunity for you to get together with like-minded attendees and industry experts in an informal setting to examine issues as they relate to the table topic.

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The industry roundtable discussions will take place on November 18 and 19. They are scheduled for 55 minutes: 11:00 AM - 11:55 AM Eastern Time (ET). The roundtable discussions are a great way to kick off Center Stage at The Phocuswright Conference!

Industry Roundtables

Wednesday, November 18


Airlines on Edge
It's a pivotal time to be an airline, chastened for their carbon footprint, thwarted by bankruptcies and rising costs, tempted by new technologies and standards and captivated by retailing. But are they well-positioned to transport the next decade of global travelers?

Industry Experts
Neil Geurin
Director, Sales and Distribution Strategy, American Airlines
Jeff Lobl
Managing Director Global Distribution Strategy, Delta Air Lines
Norm Rose
Senior Technology and Corporate Market Analyst, Phocuswright

Who should join this table
Airline, Airport, Airline Distribution, Airline Revenue Management

Diversity and Inclusion

Let Your Voice Be Heard
There's a lot of work that the industry needs to do to be more inclusive. This includes everything from the boardroom, executive team, recruitment, culture, advertising/marketing, and going beyond performative actions. Spark discussions and actions around the gender gap, diversity, anti-bias and allyship, recruitment and much more.

Industry Experts
Bex Shapiro
Global Social Media Manager, Intrepid Travel
Greg L. DeShields
Executive Director, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
Jill Menze
News Editor, PhocusWire

Who should join this table

Hotels & Hospitality

Lodging Transformed
The merging of hospitality and short-term rentals has created a brand-new – and enormous – lodging marketplace. Who will prevail and will the customer decide?

Industry Experts
Traci Mercer
SVP - Lodging, Ground & Sea, Sabre Corporation
Klaus Kohlmayr
Chief Evangalist, IDeaS
Robert Cole
Senior Research Analyst, Lodging & Leisure Travel, Phocuswright

Who should join this table
Hotel, Hotel Technology, Loyalty Program, Short-Term Rental, Bedbank, Resort, Serviced Apartment


Intermediaries Redefined
Debate the latest challenges and opportunities that guide distribution.

Industry Experts
Timothy Hughes
Vice President, Corporate Development, Agoda
Lorraine Sileo
Senior Analyst and Founder, Phocuswright Research

Who should join this table
OTA, Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Wholesaler, TMC, Metasearch, GDS, Booking Engine, Distribution Technology


The Digital Future
Voice, chatbots, AI, VR, blockchain, etc. – all promise to transform the way we search, shop for and experience travel. How far along are we really?

Industry Experts
Dan Boyan
Vice President of Commerce Sales, Fastly
Daniel Parayre
Owner, Intervention DRP Inc.
Dee Waddell
Global Managing Director, Travel & Transportation Industries, IBM
Mike Coletta
Manager, Research and Innovation, Phocuswright
Who should join this table
Technology Solution Provider, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Back-Office, Blockchain, GDS, Hardware, Messaging/Chat, Search, Security/Fraud, Virtual Reality (VR), Voice

Traveler Behavior

Traveler Sentiment in the COVID-19 Era
As the coronavirus spread across the globe in early 2020, travel came to a complete halt. Now, with many countries reopened for business, cooped-up consumers can start planning leisure trips again. But are they ready?

Industry Experts
Cady Wolf
Vice President, Americas, Sojern
Ashish Arya
Global Head of Vertical Strategy & Marketing, Travel, Pinterest
Mark Blutstein
Research Analyst, Phocuswright

Who should join this table
Business Development, Marketing, DMO, Associations, Government

Thursday, November 19

Business Travel

Corporate Travel in Today's Environment
Corporate travel, i.e., the need to travel to trade, has been around since ancient times. While its big brother, tourism, has developed in leaps and bounds to cater to the ever-increasing demands of leisure travelers, the wheels in corporate travel have been moving much more slowly. Offer your personal perspective and insights gleamed from how business has been conducted the past 6 months. What adaptations will be made? What practices will resume?

Industry Experts
Miriam Moscovici
Director, Innovation & Emerging Technologies, BCD Travel
Paul Tilstone
Managing Partner, FESTIVE ROAD
Charuta Fadnis
Senior Vice President, Research and Product Strategy, Phocuswright
Coney Dongre
Research Analyst, Phocuswright

Who should join this table
Corporate Travel, TMC


Experiences: Down, Not Out
Travel activities – the collection of tours, activities and attractions that destinations offer – are at the core of what turns a trip into an experience. As the virus subsides, the travel activities sector is hoping for some normalcy. Discuss how companies forge their own paths through the chaotic landscape.

Industry Experts
Maggie Rauch
Online Travel Research Analyst, Clarity in Crisis
Luuc Elzinga
Founder & President, Tiqets
Nathan Szabo
Global Head of Experiences, Klook
Alice Jong
Research Manager, Phocuswright

Who should join this table
Attraction, Tours & Activities Operators; Distribution and Technology; DMOs, Travel Agencies, Lodging and Tour Operating Companies Seeking to Expand Into Activities

Innovation & Startups

The Investor/Startup View
Explore innovation, the state of startups, the climate for raising capital, and how to recognize the overlooked from the overhyped.

Industry Experts
Amy Burr
Managing Director Operations and Partnerships, JetBlue Technology Ventures
Chris Hemmeter
Managing Director, Thayer Ventures
Pete Comeau
Managing Director, Phocuswright

Who should join this table
Startup, Venture Capitalist, Private Equity, Financial Analyst, Incubator, Accelerator

Mobility & Ground Transportation

Mobility – What's Next?
Question the impact of flight shame, the promise (and status) of multimodal, innovations in transportation and the new ways of combining ground, rail, bus and other non-flight options to create the perfectly suitable (and sustainable) trip.

Industry Experts
Aaron Gowell
Co-Founder and Chief Conductor, SilverRail Technologies
David Litwak
Executive Chairman, Mozio
Mitra Sorrells
Senior Reporter, PhocusWire

Who should join this table
Car Rental, Bus, Rail, Bike/e-Bike/Scooter Sharing, Limousine Service, Ride-Hailing

Short-Term Rentals

Here To Stay: Short-Term Rentals Move Mainstream
Following a decade of rapid growth and profound change, the short-term rental market is now mainstream. The category is quickly professionalizing and moving toward a more reliable, consistent, higher-quality experience, as property managers now account for a majority of supply in the market. Has there been a recent uptick in rentals during the pandemic? Our research shows two factors that are crucial to return to travel: flexibility and control. How do these 2 factors benefit the short-term market?

Industry Experts
Vanessa de Souza Lage
CMO, Rentals United
Kevin Locraft
Vice President - Partner Success, Vacation Rental, Expedia Group
T.J. Clark
Co-Founder & CEO, TurnKey Vacation Rentals
Walter Buschta
Vice President, Marketing, Phocuswright

Who should join this table
Short-Term Rental, Property Management, Revenue Management


Travel Better
Finding a way to maintain travel and tourism long-term without harming natural and cultural environments. Minimizing the negative impacts of tourism and create a beneficial environment for the area in which it takes place.

Industry Experts
Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir
Senior Advisor, Future Place Leadership
Doug Lansky
Travel Journalist, Author and Keynote Speaker,
Madeline List
Research Analyst, Phocuswright

Who should join this table
Anyone Interested and/or Vested in Sustainability (Climate Change, Conscious Business, Overtourism, People & Culture, Responsible Travel, Sustainable Destination Development, Waste & Pollution)


Online Payments and Their Impact on the Travel Industry
From virtual credit cards to new ways of allowing consumer to pay for bookings and services, payments underpin how money flow between customers, intermediaries and suppliers. Throw in the need for contactless protocols in-destination and for use of services and payment structure becomes a hugely important consideration for brands and tech companies as they navigate through the pandemic.

Industry Experts
Nicole Asling
Senior Sales Manager of Airlines and Travel, Worldpay from FIS
Thomas Helldorff
Vice President of Travel and Airlines, Worldpay from FIS
Norm Rose
Senior Technology and Corporate Market Analyst, Phocuswright

Who should join this table
Airline, Online Travel Agent, Hotel, Ground Transport Provider

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Timothy Hughes Timothy Hughes VP Corporate Development Agoda Neil Geurin Neil Geurin Managing Director, Sales and Distribution Strategy American Airlines Inc. Miriam Moscovici Miriam Moscovici Senior Director, Research & Innovation BCD Travel Maggie Rauch Maggie Rauch Online Travel Research Analyst Clarity in Crisis Jeff Lobl Jeff Lobl Managing Director - Global Distribution Delta Air Lines Inc. Doug Lansky Doug Lansky Travel Journalist, Author and Keynote Speaker Dan Boyan Dan Boyan VP, Sales Fastly Paul Tilstone Paul Tilstone Managing Partner FESTIVE ROAD Inga Hlín Pálsdottir Inga Hlín Pálsdottir Senior Advisor Future Place Leadership Kevin Locraft Kevin Locraft Vice President Global Sales & Strategy + Operations Inc. Dee Waddell Dee Waddell Global Managing Director IBM Klaus Kohlmayr Klaus Kohlmayr Chief Evangelist IDeaS Revenue Solutions Daniel Parayre Daniel Parayre CEO & Principal Consultant Intervention DRP Inc. Bex Shapiro Bex Shapiro Global Social Media Manager Intrepid Travel Rick Thompson Rick Thompson Investor TBD Nathan Szabo Nathan Szabo Global Head of Experiences Klook David Litwak David Litwak Executive Chairman Mozio Gregory DeShields Gregory DeShields Executive Director PHL Diversity Kevin May Kevin May Editor in Chief PhocusWire Jill Menze Jill Menze News Editor PhocusWire Mitra Sorrells Mitra Sorrells Senior Reporter PhocusWire Mark Blutstein Mark Blutstein Research Analyst Phocuswright Inc. Walter Buschta Walter Buschta Vice President, Marketing Phocuswright Inc. Michael Coletta Michael Coletta Manager of Research and Innovation Phocuswright Inc. Pete Comeau Pete Comeau Managing Director Phocuswright Inc. Charuta Fadnis Charuta Fadnis Senior Vice President, Research and Product Strategy Phocuswright Inc. Alice Jong Alice Jong Research Manager Phocuswright Inc. Madeline List Madeline List Research Analyst Phocuswright Inc. Norm Rose Norm Rose Senior Technology and Corporate Market Analyst Phocuswright Inc. Ashish Arya Ashish Arya Global Head of Marketing, Travel Pinterest Vanessa De Souza Lage Vanessa De Souza Lage CMO Rentals United Robert Cole Robert Cole Senior Research Analyst, Lodging and Leisure Travel, Phocuswright Inc. and CEO RockCheetah Traci Mercer Traci Mercer Senior Vice President, Marketplace Segments Sabre Travel Network Aaron Gowell Aaron Gowell Chief Conductor SilverRail Technologies Cady Wolf Cady Wolf Vice President, Americas Sojern Chris Hemmeter Chris Hemmeter Managing Director Thayer Ventures Luuc Elzinga Luuc Elzinga Founder & President Tiqets T.J. Clark T.J. Clark Co-Founder & President TurnKey Vacation Rentals