This hotel SAAS company got the word out about a new product, signed many new customers, and raised more VC funding.

The Opportunity

Revinate, a long-time leader in online reputation management, needed to grow awareness of their marketing and guest engagement products which were newer and less well-known. As they became a more complete platform, versus a single solution, they recognized the need to tell a new story in front of a discerning and interested audience.

The Phocuswright Advantage

The established company was eager to show the progress they made since they were an early-stage demonstrator at Summit six years prior. Gaining traction and more awareness as an innovator in a new space was the name of the game.
“After presenting at a prior Summit, we were eager to show the progress we’ve made as a company since the early days. The travel community assembled as part of the Summit was the right audience with whom to share our perspective and get feedback. We’ve been seeing great customer success for our Revinate Marketing™ product and have brought on many new customers in the past year since demonstrating. We’ve also raised a new round of VC funding. Our participation in the Summit helped us gain more attention and share our story with the industry.”

– Allison Lynk, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Revinate

The Results

By aligning their brand with Phocuswright, Revinate reached more travel industry professionals and won the Most Innovative Established Company award in 2015. They gained credibility among investors and industry partners, and elevated their profile.
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