There’s no doubt that people are anxious to get back to traveling again, leaving hotels, airlines, and tourist destinations to prepare for this resurgence–without actually knowing the volume that it will bring. And, high expectations and a hiatus from adventure means that customers will expect travel and hospitality businesses to be operating at optimal efficiency, despite smaller staffs due to layoffs and furloughs. So what part can technology like Conversational AI play to help T&H brands handle the new volume and provide the best CX in a way that will build loyalty for years to come? In this session you will learn how Conversational AI applications can help the T&H industry:
•Scale operations to ensure that both volume spikes and drops can be handled without compromising CX
•Offer self-service operations to help customers solve their queries effortlessly
•Reduce employee effort by speeding up the path to resolution for greater customer satisfaction
•Streamline communication for faster resolutions and decreased average handling times