The Gust Award for Travel Innovation: Startup Category


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, United States

Leadership: Adam Goldstein, Co-Founder and CEO

Hipmunk Hotel Search makes it easy to find the right hotel quickly and easily. It shows the most relevant results on a single page, and makes it easy to understand the tradeoffs between price, location, and amenities.Users can easily apply heatmaps to a city, to identify the densest areas of tourist attractions, restaurants, and "vice." Additionally, hotels are colored according to their relative price—so it's easy to see where the cheap hotels are near downtown, for example, or the high-end hotels are in a quiet part of town.Hipmunk Hotel Search sorts hotels by "ecstasy," which combines price, amenities, and user reviews. And it searches vacation rentals in addition to hotels.Finally, using your calendar, Hipmunk can help you find the hotels closest to your meetings, and the flights that fit best in your schedule.