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Award(s): Winner: General Catalyst Award for Travel Innovation
30SecondsToFly Inc.
Felicia Schneiderhan

Felicia Schneiderhan

Felicia leads product and marketing for 30SecondsToFly, an AI travel tech startup based in Silicon Valley and Bangkok. Their technology - Claire - improves the traveler experience for top-tier TMCs and reduces call center costs through artificial intelligence.

Event: 2019 Phocuswright Conference
Product: Claire
Category: Emerging Company
Founded Year: 2015
HQ: New York, NY U.S.
Principal(s): Riccardo Vittoria, CEO; Felicia Schneiderhan. CMO
Funding: $1.9M
Product Description: Our product, Claire, is the AI partner for large TMCs. Claire's AI shrinks highly time-intensive travel management tasks into just 30 seconds, for revolutionary traveler-centric customer service and lean call center operations. Travelers get a fast and personalized experience, while agents can focus on customer service. TMCs benefit from a scalable solution for crisis, seasonality and recruiting deficits. As a result, TMCs gain more revenues and reduce costs.
Business Model: We charge TMC clients a one-time implementation fee. The charging model once “live” is a combination of a modulable monthly SaaS fee and a transaction fee, depending on the complexity of the integration.
Competitors: HelloGbye, Mindsay
Competitive Edge: Three companies were leading the space: 1) Mezi (acquired by American Express), 2) Lola (developed exclusivity with American Express Global Business Travel), and 3) 30SecondsToFly. After three years of collecting datasets and co-developing the product with major clients, the highway is now wide and open.
Market Opportunity: Target market: TMCs with more than $100M in corporate sales; Total addressable market: $1.3T; Revenues from serviceable obtainable market: $100M. TMCs will continue consolidating and dominating large corporate clients. In order to compete with TripAction, large TMCs need to continue the current technology transformation, hire a younger workforce (available and more affordable) and enable them with AI-based conversational commerce, providing competitive integrated customer service at low cost.
Early Customers: FCM, Adelman, CTI Business Travel, The Air Travel Group, GMtour, WTMC
Contact: Riccardo Vittoria, CEO; riccardo@30secondstofly.com; +1 917 832-4509