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Award(s): Runner-Up: Launch People's Choice Award
Fran Romero

Fran Romero

Head of Open Innovation Programs
Passionate of technology and innovation, with an educational background in telecommunication engineering and an M.B.A. International: Fran has 15+ years of broad professional experience, including areas like commercial finance, business development in APAC, corporate strategy and innovation.

Event: 2019 Phocuswright Conference
Product: Amadeus for Developers: Artificial Intelligence APIs
Category: Established Company
HQ: Madrid, Spain
Principal(s): Luis Maroto, President & CEO
Funding: No external funding required. It is a corporate program.
Product Description: Amadeus Artificial Intelligence APIs (the new Amadeus for Developers offering) provide powerful AI capabilities for travel. Leveraging Amadeus' immense volumes of historical data across all travel verticals, we have trained powerful machine-learning predictive models, encompassing flight offer selection, trip purpose, or flight delay predictions, among others. And for the first time, we are making them fully available to any startup and innovator via easy-to-use, open APIs.
Business Model: Developers and innovators can access the new APIs via two environments: Test: Completely free of charge, with a limited number of transactions per month and access to limited data; Production: Access all data, with pay-as-you-go (pay per API call, no additional fees); Other business models (e.g., revenue sharing) to be implemented in the next phases.
Competitors: Travel APIs: Sabre Dev Studio, Kiwi Tequila; AI APIs: Machine-learning marketplaces (e.g., Amazon). No travel-specific competitors.
Competitive Edge: Open: fully open API platform; Rich offer: travel data and functionalities in all verticals and across the end-to-end traveler journey, andincludes AI APIs (industry-first); Agile: register, test and get access to production data in <5 min; Easy: seamless, fully self-service, automated processes.
Market Opportunity: The future of travel is AI-driven: Travel brands deploying AI in their solutions benefit from operational improvements, while delivering more personalized experiences. However, innovators and new companies tend to be at a disadvantage when it comes to getting access to historical data to train their models. By offering open, ready-to-implement predictive models for travel (an industry first), Amadeus opens its doors to data-driven collaborations to unlock new business opportunities.
Early Customers: Startups in travel, SMEs inside and outside travel, independent developers (from students to senior profiles). Global reach.
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