Norris Tie

Norris Tie

Since childhood, Norris believed that flight times would not stay constant forever, instead they would be faster. In pursuit of an answer, he studied aerospace engineering and worked on vehicles that traveled faster than the speed of sound (i.e., SpaceShipTwo, NASA X-59). From industry, he determined supersonic transport as the solution to faster travel. Now he's bringing this solution to life with Exosonic.

HQ: Bay Area, CA U.S.
Product: Exosonic
Category: Startup Company
Principal(s): Norris Tie, CEO; Tim MacDonald, CTO
Competitive Edge: We will introduce supersonic overland flight for the first time by muting our aircraft's sonic boom using aerodynamic shaping techniques. Our airline customers can then fly you coast to coast in under three hours.
Early Customers: Working to get our first customer. So far, we've talked to 13+ airlines and have a USAF contract to explore a militarized aircraft version.
Business Model: We sell aircraft primarily to airlines and lessors. We also will sell to any other individuals or organizations who want to purchase our aircraft, including the USAF.
Competitors: Boom Supersonic is the main competitor as we both design supersonic commercial aircraft. However, their aircraft is designed for only overwater flights and cannot fly supersonic overland.
Funding: We have been bootstrapped since we incorporated. However, we've gained non-dilutive funding from StartX, a few Stanford University programs, and a USAF contract.
Product Description: Our aircraft uses aerodynamic shaping to mute its sonic boom, enabling supersonic overland flight for the first time ever. It cuts flight times in half at business class prices. It carries up to 60 passengers in premium economy style seating and can fly up to 5,200 miles (think SF - Tokyo in six hours) at Mach 1.8. We expect to enter service in the 2030 timeframe.
Market Opportunity: Adding muted boom capabilities is crucial to developing a supersonic aircraft profitable for airlines. We estimate the premium travel market to be $278B by 2030, of which $162B is for overland routes. We fly ,2x more additional routes with supersonic overland capabilities. We estimate there to be a 1,000 supersonic aircraft market, of which ,650 are dedicated for overland routes. Assuming a $150M per aircraft price tag, that's a $150B market, $97.5B of which Exosonic monopolizes.
Contact: Norris Tie, CEO; [email protected]; +1 408 624-6859