Ella Stahl

Ella Stahl

Head of Sales
Ella founded her first business at age 16 and ran it for over ten years. During this time, she learned how to listen to clients, employees, vendors and family. She studied CS and worked as a programmer, and loved the focus and the problem solving. As head of sales at Gamitee, she gets to do what she loves: manage a team, be creative, work with clients, but mostly she gets to listen to incredible people on a daily basis.

Event: 2019 Phocuswright Conference
Product: Gamitee
Category: Startup Company
HQ: Jerusalem, Israel
Principal(s): Jonathan Abraham, CEO
Funding: $1M
Product Description: Our solution adds a special group booking platform to online travel sites, helping visitors consult their friends before booking. When users arrive at the website, they build a wish list, invite their friends, vote and chat and easily book. Our clients benefit from increased sales, organic growth and unique group data, by simply allowing their travelers to use the site as a group, together.
Business Model: We are already generating MRR from existing clients. We provide our solution to OTAs, airlines, tour operators, metasearches and hoteliers, in a revenue share model based only on success.
Competitors: No significant direct-product competitors. Closest competitor in product respect is a website widget that enables screen sharing on mobile for retailers.
Competitive Edge: Our technology enables group interaction with the website content itself and in real time. This enables users to interact both synchronously and asynchronously and it enables us to build much richer data with full context.
Market Opportunity: Our product delivers 5x in conversion, which means 10% more in overall sales. We already dominate the entire Israeli market and have a very strong and fast Europe and U.S. pipeline with six tier-1 clients and seven tier-2 clients.
Early Customers: Israir, Mona Tours, Smartair, Easygo, Eshet Tours, Fashionalia
Contact: Ella Stahl, Head of Sales;; +972 546788307