Dor Krubiner

Dor Krubiner

Founder and CEO
Dor is an experienced entrepreneur and advisor to startups on business development, product-market fit and fundraising. He is a licensed investment professional who managed US$1B of institutional funds. Dor holds a Master of Business Administration degree with a specialization in finance and capital markets.

Event: 2019 Phocuswright Conference
Product: Hotelmize
Category: Emerging Company
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel
Principal(s): Dor Krubiner, CEO; Guy Levitan, CTO; Omry Litvak, COO
Funding: The company has raised ,US$5M.
Product Description: Hotelmize allows the hotel booking industry to dramatically increase profits by leveraging advanced AI prediction algorithms together with capital market trading strategies.

Our unique approach to revenue management is increasing travel companies' hotels sales profit margins when optimizing their purchase rates on all bookings cycles.
Business Model: The Hotelmize business model is based on positive results realized by clients applying its solution.
Competitors: Hotelmize is the only company that leverages capital market trading practices together with AI to increase profits from hotel sales.
Competitive Edge: Hotelmize's approach to revenue management and its unique AI-based prediction technology are bringing incomparable results to its clients.
Market Opportunity: The hotel booking industry is highly competitive due to the lack of differentiation with regards to product offerings, which is causing companies to squeeze their margins in order to win the client. In addition, despite the industry's huge size, the hotel booking industry stayed far behind with regards to tech-supported revenue management which includes AI and ML technologies. Today, travel companies are seeking new, advanced solutions to help them improve their business performance and stay competitive.
Early Customers: We do not disclose our client list.
Contact: Patricia Alonso, CMO;; +972 50 799 0917