Award(s): Winner: Launch People's Choice Award
Oliver Dlouhý

Oliver Dlouhý

Oliver Dlouhý came up with his idea when searching for flights from the Czech Republic to Portugal. He devised a solution that allows travelers to combine routes from carriers that don't normally cooperate into one itinerary. Dlouhý called this Virtual Interlining and added the guarantee. He says the future is about owning end-to-end personalization of travel via multi-modal transportation.

Event: 2019 Phocuswright Conference
Product: Virtual Global Supercarrier
Category: Established Company
HQ: Brno, Czech Republic
Principal(s): Oliver Dlouhý, Founder and CEO; Jozef Képesi, Co-Founder and CTO
Funding: N/A
Product Description: is at the forefront of driving change in the industry so that it works seamlessly for consumers and companies. With the current rate of growth in the travel industry, there is a need to streamline and simplify travel so consumers can get from any point in the world to any other using one platform.'s Virtually Interlined multi-modal transport can do just that, whether a customer wishes to take a plane, train, bus or taxi for a journey of any length.
Business Model: At the heart of's success lies Virtual Interlining which allows users to combine flights from more than 750 carriers in one itinerary. Low-cost carriers and ground transport providers are included and it results in significant customer savings. offers the most comprehensive content which is distributed through B2C, B2B2C and B2B models with a strong, customer-centric focus.
Competitors: Skyscanner, KAYAK, Momondo, Dohop, Tripstack, Omio, Google Maps and Flights
Competitive Edge: was created for travelers by travelers. Powered by Virtual Interlining, it allows users to combine routes from more than 750 carriers, including many that do not cooperate. Competitively priced, these are covered by a Guarantee, which covers flight delays, schedule changes and cancellations.
Market Opportunity: Between 1997 and 2017, the number of international departures more than doubled to 1.57B, according to the World Bank. IATA predicts passenger numbers will double again to 8.2B by 2037. This growth will be concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region. Consumers expect to be able to control everything online, ideally through one app on their phone. With the introduction of Virtually Interlined multi-modal transport, is transforming into the Virtual Global Supercarrier to meet consumers' needs.
Early Customers: Early adopters of the innovative way of booking travel were independent travelers who identified with the niche need that had been met.
Contact: Raymond Vrijenhoek, VP Global Strategic Communications;; +42 070 225 1665