Award(s): Runner-Up: Summit People's Choice Award
Nathaniel Marcus

Nathaniel Marcus

Nate Marcus is a serial entrepreneur who has won several awards for his companies, including Best Regional Startup, Top 10 Innovative Big Data Companies 2019, Best Richmond Tech Startups 2018/2019, 11 Companies to Watch in Travel and Hospitality. He is passionate about connecting people to moments that matter.

Event: 2019 Phocuswright Conference
Product: OccasionGenius
Category: Emerging Company
HQ: Richmond, Virginia
Principal(s): Nate Marcus, Jennifer Vaziralli, Bradley Robb, Brian Harris
Funding: $3.1M Series Seed
Product Description: OccasionGenius aggregates all events, even hard to find events, by partnering with the large ticket-processing companies and also by pulling in the data from all local calendars in each market. OccasionGenius understands what each event is going to be like at a sophisticated level via two patent-pending processes. OccasionGenius also understands each traveler's interests via a 'personalized interest genome.' Finally, OccasionGenius connects travelers to the events they want to know about before those events happen. OccasionGenius offers this technology suite via API access for seamless integration across email, web and app mediums.
Business Model: OccasionGenius provides access to its premium database of upcoming events to businesses that want to capture and engage the experiential consumer. We charge a per-city, per-month fee for Staff Picks and for All Local Events. In 3Q2020, we will provide recommendations with a dynamic pricing per API call.
Competitors: PredictHQ is for back-of-the-house rate management, whereas OccasionGenius is a comprehensive and personalized event discovery technology for a premium user experience.
Competitive Edge: OccasionGenius is the clear industry leader being first to market. We have a substantial technology moat and two patents pending. We also have a network of local curators who enhance events, and large brand partners.
Market Opportunity: The B2B enterprise go-to-market prioritization for OccasionGenius is travel and hospitality. We partner with hotels, OTAs, airlines, travel blogs, trip apps and GDSs to provide outstanding quality products for the experiential traveler. OccasionGenius has already partnered with companies in other verticals, such as tenant portals, real estate agent marketing, residential communities, universities and company intranets, and will target dating apps and babysitting apps in the future.
Early Customers: KAYAK, Hilton
Contact: Nate Marcus, CEO; nate@occasiongenius.com; +1 617 306-6206