Air Doctor

Air Doctor
Efrat Sagi-Ofir

Efrat Sagi-Ofir

Co-Founder and COO
Air Doctor is the second startup Efrat founded; she previously founded a startup in green energy (robotic systems that cleans the solar panels). Efrat was a global supply chain manager at Intel Electronics and holds vast experience working internationally.

Event: 2020 Phocuswright Conference
Product: Air Doctor
HQ: Israel
Principal(s): Jenny Cohen Derfler, Efrat Sagi-Ofir, Yam Derfler, Yegor Kurbachev
Funding: Seed money of $3.1M, round A of $7.8M
Product Description: Travelers who need medical attention or a specialist consultation end up getting treatment at high-cost hospitals and ER centers. We would like to avoid that, especially in the pandemic situation. Air Doctor makes medical care accessible globally to any traveler or expat by connecting them to a local private practitioner. This improves the customer journey, empowers private doctors and reduces costs all in one without lowering any standards of quality or service they are used to.
Business Model: We are a commission-based company; we take a commission per transaction from the total Doctor's fee.
Competitors: Companies like ZocDoc and Practo, providing a similar solution for local people in their home country.
Competitive Edge: Air Doctor is a digital platform that provides a global medical network of physicians and makes it accessible to any traveler, anywhere.
Market Opportunity: When people start to travel, a solution like Air Doctor will become a must-have. Knowing that medical assistance/telemedicine is available worldwide - with no extra cost - will help people travel more safely. Insurance companies, credit card companies travel agencies that will offer Air Doctor solution to their customers will become stronger. Since COVID-19 started, Air Doctor has signed 3x more deals than planned, our B-customers are preparing for the day after the pandemic.
Early Customers: Air Doctor is a B2B2C company: Our customers are insurance companies, credit card companies, travel agencies.