Gregory Geny

Gregory Geny

Founder & CEO
Gregory Geny is the Founder and CEO of BeRightback, the world's first travel subscription service billed as the "Netflix for Travel" by The Telegraph.

Originally from France, Gregory has spent the last 17 years in the U.K., building and growing startups in a range of dynamic industries including sports and fitness, media, music, fintech, education, and over 10 years in travel tech.

Event: 2020 Phocuswright Conference
HQ: London, U.K.
Principal(s): Gregory Geny, Founder & CEO; Tony Turner, CTO; Sam Norman, Head of Ops
Funding: Raised $850K from Founders Factory, Startup Funding Club and the London Co-Investment Fund
Product Description: With the travel industry becoming hyper-fragmented over the last 20 years, consumers are facing a real paradox of choice, which has turned a simple weekend break into 10 hours of planning and research for the consumers.

Billed as the "Netflix of Travel," BRB is the world's first travel subscription service that removes all of the hassle for travellers by delivering travel to 70 destinations across Europe, with flights and hotel included, for a fixed monthly subscription.
Business Model: BRB is the world's first travel subscription service that flips the OTA model on its head by creating a win-win situation for travellers and hoteliers. We remove all of the hassle for consumers, saving them time and money, by offering fixed-price travel tailored to their individual needs. We also guarantee hoteliers higher occupancy by leveraging customer data and clustering methodology, a first in travel.
Competitors: As the first travel subscription service in the world, we see our primary competitors as subscription services in other verticals.
Competitive Edge: Our competitive edge lies in: (1) Our ability to leverage user data and clustering to match travellers to the best trips, whilst helping them budget - thanks to our monthly subscription; (2) Our ability to leverage our buying power to negotiate competitive rates with hotels by guaranteeing them occupancy.
Market Opportunity: With 72 million trips taken outside of the U.K. in 2019, we are leading the future of a £63B industry ripe for disruption.

Beyond the U.K. market, our business model not only lends itself well to an expansion into the rest of Europe but can evolve over time to cater for wider consumer needs such as long-haul or in-destination experiences.
Early Customers: Our product appeals to customers across the age spectrum with 55% of millennials, 35% of 40-75 years old and 10% of GenZ.
Contact: Gregory Geny, Founder & CEO;; +44 0 789 198 2023