Award(s): Winner: Summit People's Choice Award; Winner: Most Innovative Startup of the Year
Shaun Moore

Shaun Moore

Shaun Moore is a serial entrepreneur who regularly participates in international communities for the advancement of global entrepreneurship. He currently holds two patents in the computer vision space, was named a semi-finalist for Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award in LA 2019 and 2020 and was named Analytics Insight 40 under 40 Innovators in 2019.

Event: 2020 Phocuswright Conference
Product: Trueface
HQ: Venice, CA U.S.
Principal(s): Shaun Moore, CEO; Nezare Chafni, CTO
Funding: $3.7M Seed Round, May 2019
Product Description: Trueface's products algin into three categories, all of which run entirely on client infrastructure to ensure the highest level of data security and privacy.

1. Developer solutions: Trueface SDKs and dockerized APIs empower teams to build computer vision into their products.
2. Trueface Access Control: Enhances security and provides a touchless admission system.
3. Trueface Biosecurity: Equips businesses with systematic temperature readings, social distancing awareness and PPE compliance in order to reopen responsibly and build back customer confidence.
Business Model: Annual licensing per camera stream.
Competitors: FaceFirst, AnyVision, Ever AI
Competitive Edge: In short: speed, accuracy, security and an end-goal of unbiased, equal performance for all. Trueface has achieved top-ten speed in template matching in NIST testing, offers only on-premise solutions to maintain utmost data security, and publishes bias results to lead industry transparency.
Market Opportunity: Within the trade and travel industries, Trueface can affect several opportunities. At airports, Trueface technology can dramatically reduce op ex via automated CCTV monitoring for incidence resolution and patrol replacement, allowing security teams to do more with less. Trueface can also play a crucial role in traveler's contactless journey, enabling them to frictionlessly move from landside to gateside using only their face to check in, check bags, pay at concessions and board.
Early Customers: We do not disclose commercial clients, but we have publicly announced our work with the U.S. Air Force.
Contact: Shaun Moore, CEO;; +1 847 275-9377