Oliver Dlouhy CEO

Oliver Dlouhy

Oliver Dlouhy, 29, is the CEO and founder of Kiwi.com (formerly known as Skypicker), he leads the company and shapes the strategic vision as it rolls out globally.

Kiwi.com was designed to differentiate itself from other airlines flight search companies through its proprietary algorithm. Dlouhy, frustrated at the limits that traditional OTA’s put on linking flights decided to combine flights from carriers that didn’t normally cooperate into a single itinerary. He called this ‘virtual interlining’. Coupled with the Kiwi.com guarantee designed to deal with the frustrations around flight delays or cancellations – the company issues boarding passes directly.

A recently signed ground-breaking deal with Amadeus now provides an additional 750 million flight combinations. The company currently has over 1400 employees and a growing number of global offices. Dlouhy says the future is all about owning the end to end personalisation of travel via multi-modal transportation and better ways to serve the consumer.

Dlouhy was recently named in the Financial Times ‘New Europe 100’ and Forbes Start-Up of the year.