Brad Gerstner

Altimeter Capital

Brad Gerstner CEO
Brad is the Founder and CEO of Altimeter Capital -- a technology-focused hedge fund manager based in Boston and Menlo Park.

He is an analyst and entrepreneur. After practicing law and then graduating from HBS, he was a founding principal at General Catalyst - where he became CEO of one of their first online travel investments that he sold to Interactive Corp in 2001. He went on to start two additional online search businesses - one sold to Marchex and the other sold in part to Google.

From 2005 to 2008, he worked alongside Paul Reeder at Boston-based PAR Capital - where he ran a successful technology sleeve and led the firm into VC with deals like Zillow, ITA Software, and Farecast. In November 2008, he launched Altimeter Capital with less than $5 million. Since inception, Altimeter has compounded at over 25% net over the last 8 years - and has become known for taking concentrated positions in public companies. Bloomberg characterized Brad as the "online travel king" for his many successful travel-related investments.


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