Andrea Kates

Managing Director
Futureproofing : Next

Andrea Kates Managing Director
Andrea is a Silicon Valley based Cross-Industry Revenue Accelerator and corporate leader in technology, commercialization, scale-up strategies, and Futureproofing. Andrea is also a global corporate transformation specialist, tech startup CEO, and expert in “business innovation you can take to the bank”. She has worked on more than 200 corporate growth initiatives that have moved companies beyond innovation toward Futureproofing. Andrea drives commercialization of innovation with a focus on the Future Of theme covering Healthcare, Digital Health, Retail, Mobility, Fintech, transformative AI, Future of Work and Business Model reinvention. Based in San Francisco and working with teams around the world, Andrea uncovers scalable directions for growth.

Andrea was CEO of the San Francisco SaaS technology company that pioneered the application of lean startup methods for large companies. She's worked with future-focused clients including Hyatt, United Airlines, SuMi Trust (Japan), Ford (US/China), Stitch Fix, Fujitsu, JLL, CommonGrounds, Allstate and Mayo Clinic. As an industry thought leader, Andrea has delivered keynotes at CxO Forum (Tokyo), Dubai 2020, OpenBanking (Mexico), TED main stage, Aspen Ideas Forum.

Author of: “Futureproofing : NEXT—The Future Beyond Innovation” (with Sean Moffitt). “Find Your Next –Using the Business Genome Approach to Find Your Company’s Next Competitive Edge” (McGraw-Hill). Expert in residence: Cisco (global innovation), Business Institute in Aalborg, Denmark, OpenBanking (Mexico), Open Innovation Gateway/Digital Business College (Fujitsu).


Tuesday, November 17, 2020
12:15 PM – 12:30 PM EST

Future-Proofing: Beyond Innovation

Travel plods along at a snail’s pace and the industry struggles to achieve any semblance of recovery as the pandemic wears on. Now is a watershed moment to peer outside of our comfort zones, unencumbered by legacy technology concerns and lack of industry innovation, to identify what strategies, technologies and business models will help us realize recovery more quickly and future-proof our businesses and the industry from the next crisis.

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