Dangui Oduber

Minister of Tourism and Public Health

2023 Phocuswright Conference speaker

Dangui Oduber Minister of Tourism and Public Health
Upon completing high school in Aruba, Dangui Oduber migrated to The Netherlands to continue with his studies. He attended lnholland University of Applied Sciences in the city of Rotterdam, where he graduated in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in Economics, Management and Law. Subsequently his professional career started at Dutch insurance companies "HDI Verzekeringen N.V" and "Nationale Nederlanden". After having acquired sufficient international professional skills, Dangui Oduber returned to Aruba where he furthered his career working at SETAR N.V., Aruba's telecommunication company.

In 2013 Dangui Oduber decided to enter the political arena and joined the political party "Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo" (MEP), which is aligned with his political ideology, and is also the same party his father led for more than 25 years. During his first election he got sufficient votes from the people to secure his seat in the Aruban Parliament.

Having proven himself in the Parliament of Aruba, in 2017 Dangui Oduber got elected to become the Minister of Tourism, Public Health, and Sports. Under his leadership Aruba's tourism performance not only thrived up until 2020 before the global pandemic hit, but he also led the tourism recovery plan that brought the country economically back on its feet. Additionally, Aruba has been recognized internationally for its unique and innovative approach regarding health credentials during the pandemic. As a young and driven Minister, Dangui Oduber is still currently representing the Aruban people as Minister of Tourism and Public Health since he was reelected in 2021 to serve during Cabinet Wever-Croes 2 period (2021-2025).

Dangui Oduber is the middle of three children of Aruba's former Prime Minister Nelson Orlando Oduber. He was born in Aruba on July 13, 1978 and is married with two sons. Growing up in a family with a long political history, he decided to become an Aruban politician as a member of the political party "Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo" (MEP), following his father's footsteps.


Wednesday, November 15, 2023
12:35 PM – 1:00 PM MST

Executive Panel: Digital Identity Becomes Reality

The future is here when it comes to digital identity for travel, with the tiny island of Aruba a global leader in implementing this type of solution. What will this technology mean for border crossing, hotel check-in, entry to attractions and more broadly, how travel brands access customer data?

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