Gilad Berenstein

Brook Bay Capital

2023 Phocuswright Conference speaker

Gilad Berenstein Fonder
Gilad is an Israeli born AI Entrepreneur, Board Director, and Venture Capital Investor based in Seattle. Today, Gilad leads Brook Bay Capital, an AI focused fund, and serves on numerous boards of both large traditional and startup businesses, including Virtuoso, Selfbook, Thatch, Swayed, Faye, and others. Gilad is passionate about Travel & Hospitality and other experiential businesses and has a deep background in Artificial Intelligence and Personalization.

Gilad began his entrepreneurial career early, while at the University of Washington, with roles as a co-founder, head of Business Development, and head of product for multiple startups. Most notably, Gilad was the founder and CEO at Utrip, a pioneering AI startup in the travel space. Gilad has built strategic partnerships with some of the largest companies in the world, taken product to market utilized by nearly 100 million people, and is a leading thinker about personalization and consumer applications of AI.

In addition to his investing and board work Gilad is a prolific public speaker and participates in many major industry and technology events. Gilad is also an active mentor through Plug & Play, the University of Washington, and other organizations. Additionally, Gilad is involved with the academic and nonprofit fields including serving on the board of the Pillsbury Institute for Entrepreneurship at Cornell University, the think tank AI & Faith, and others.

Gilad is passionate about his young family, technology, travel, food, yoga, history, and more.

Startup Program Mentor:
- Startups and being a founder - I have founded 3 startups and exited 2. I spent a lot of time as a CEO mentor for founders.
- B2B2C in Travel Tech
- AI - deep area of focus for me for 15 years now.
- Luxury
- Fundraising