Jongyoon Kim

Yanolja Cloud (South Korea)

2023 Phocuswright Conference speaker

Jongyoon Kim CEO
Jongyoon Kim leads Yanolja Co., Ltd. which operates both the platform business for travel and leisure-related services and the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution business driven by Yanolja Cloud. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kim is responsible for the overall strategy and business performance of Yanolja Co., Ltd., and Yanolja Cloud.

The platform business of Yanolja Co., Ltd. provides integrated travel and hospitality services including South Korean domestic and overseas accommodation, leisure, performance, transportation, and package travel through its portfolio of superapp platforms, including Yanolja, Interpark, Daily Hotel, and Triple.

Yanolja Cloud was established as a separate entity in 2019 based on its Web 3.0 technologies bringing a paradigm shift to traditional travel industry. Yanolja Cloud provides cloud-based SaaS solutions for hotels to residences, food and beverage establishments, together with golf and other leisure facilities, in more than 170 global markets. Having grown through widespread adoption of its proprietary solutions, Yanolja Cloud has also made multiple acquisitions and investments as it accelerates its ambition to be the preferred solution provider meeting the evolving needs of the global industry. Yanolja Cloud’s solutions support frictionless consumer experiences and drive operational efficiency for business operators.

Jongyoon Kim joined Yanolja Co., Ltd. in 2015 as Chief Strategy Officer and in 2021 was elevated to Chief Executive Officer of Yanolja Co., Ltd. Mr. Kim added to his responsibilities in 2021, becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Yanolja Cloud. Prior to Yanolja Co., Ltd., Mr. Kim held various leadership positions with global organizations including McKinsey & Company, Google, and 3M. He holds a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (BEng) from Seoul National University, Republic of Korea, and completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College, United States of America.