TravelgateX is a connectivity marketplace, that is, we provide connectivity between the systems of Buyers and Sellers of travel product. We build world-class technology for the travel industry, and we are trusted by industry leaders and niche providers around the world.
Previously, a travel agency or website would have to integrate each Seller's API in order to access their product or service. Now, one single integration to our API provides instant access to a world of travel opportunities, enabling a fast and seamless integration and unbeatable time-to-market.
For Buyers, through one integration to our API you can get access to a standardized feed of all of your Sellers - once connected, adding a Seller is a matter of getting a contract with them and there is no more need to create and maintain an integration.
For Sellers, the distribution options available in our Network are unparalleled - from Tour Operators to OTAs, Bedbanks to DMC, the demand side in TravelgateX is full of opportunities to sell and even cross-sell!
•The largest market network of travel companies in the world: Powerful APIs connecting 1000+ travel companies in 30+ countries, producing 3.2 B€/year in volume and 35k bookings per day.
•A travel tech company focused solely on accommodation connectivity: A fully automated marketplace - we build integrations + add solutions, so you don't have to.
•Fully scalable, fault-tolerant, and 100% optimized for performance: Load balanced between 5 different cloud providers, our enterprise-level architecture is always up.