The 2015 Class of 35


Camilo Acosta, CEO & Co-Founder, PayByGroup

Brett Asbury, Executive Vice President and COO, Gray Line Worldwide

Anton Baitsur, Vice President, Products, JetRadar

Kristin Bartholomew, Senior Manager, Client Services (SEO), The Ritz-Carlton/Marriott International

Leon Blum, Marketing Manager, Qantas Vacations

Josh Belkin, Vice President & General Manager, North America, Inc.

Lindsay Chandler, Global Marketing Manager, Enterprise Accounts, Sabre Hospitality Solutions

Al Chen, Co-Founder, Cooperatize

Clare Chiu, Director of Business Development, Warwick Hotels

Eva Ducruezet, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Expedia Affiliate Network

Julián Gurfinkiel, Co-founder & CMO,

Natalie Gulden, Web Product Manager, Intercontinental Hotels Group

Lynne Hamilton, Director of European Partnerships, Intent Media

Sasha Hoffman, CEO, Fuzzy Compass

Zack Howitt, CEO, Flight Kitty

Paul Jacobs, Vice President, Marketing, StudentUniverse

Thomas Jankowski, Chief Digital Officer, Flight Network

Ryan Kapoor, Vice President, Sales & Marketing,

Varun Khona, CEO, Headout

Julia Lam, CEO & Co-Founder, Bucket

Morgan Larkin, Director, North American Operations, HomeAway

Jeffrey Livney, Chief Experience Officer, Cursus Technologies, Inc.

Emre Mangir, COO & Head of Partnerships, Mozio

Abraham Meir, CTO & Co-Founder, TravelPerk

Raksa Ouk, Director, Mobile Development & Strategy, American Express Global Business Travel

Jessica Patel, Vice President, Sales, American Express

Andres Patetta, Head of Online Marketing,

Grace Reyes, Corporate and Business Development, Switchfly

Scott Rutz, Sales and Marketing Chief, Travefy

Hansini Sharma, Sourcing Consultant, HRS Group

Suzanne Szanyi, Manager of Revenue Management Support, Hilton Worldwide

Michael Trauttmansdorff, Product Manager, Google

Luc Viguie, Business Development Manager, Amadeus SAS

Lindsay Young, Global Marketing Manager, Urban Adventures

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