How to Apply

Companies with products or services relating to planning, searching, shopping, buying or experiencing travel, representing all sizes and sectors may apply, including innovation alumni.

View the information below to get an overview of eligibility, qualifications and more. Use the links to dig deeper into the details of each category.

Step 1: What category do I fit into?

Eligibility Overview
Your category is determined by company age and level of funding:

  • Battleground: Companies less than 48 months old, with US$2 million or less in funding
  • Summit: Companies in early-growth phase, less than 48 months old (no limit on funding)
  • Launch: Established companies over 48 months old launching new, innovative solutions

Note: Spinoffs inherit the startup date of their parent company.

The applicant pool is vetted by expert Phocuswright technology analysts based on the uniqueness of the underlying technical innovation, not the novelty of the niche. The age of the company applying is considered only to determine the appropriate category.

Step 2: Do I qualify?

To qualify, your innovation must:

  • Significantly influence how travelers research, plan, purchase, organize, experience or memorialize their trips
  • Impact the state of the art in its target market
  • Change the dynamics of the marketplace
  • Implement new ideas and introduce new concepts that create value

Companies may not qualify if the innovation is:

  • A minor upgrade to an existing solution; however, major upgrades are welcome
  • Not grounded in innovative technology or the innovative application of technology
  • Niche, but not innovative

Step 3: Application Process

  • Complete the application form for Battleground, Summit or Launch
  • Phocuswright's experienced analyst team considers applications and interviews applicants on a rolling basis; in most cases, applicants will be asked to demonstrate their innovation via WebEx
  • Some companies that pass first-level screening may be contacted to arrange a screening meeting with the Executive Review Committee
  • An innovator package agreement – outlining your time commitment and package details – is sent for signature; once you have signed this agreement, the innovator package fee is due

Use the links below to view all eligibility criteria and qualifications for each category.