Think Tank of Industry Leaders: The Future of Travel

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Future-Proof Content Series and
Think Tank are sponsored by
Allianz Partners

As a complement to the future-proofing content series, Phocuswright invited leaders from various industry sectors to collaborate and think boldly about how to drive their businesses and the industry forward in the coming months. The think tank is a closed session to facilitate open conversations and brainstorming. Some of the key ideas and outcomes will be presented to the broader conference audience on November 19. Industry leaders are invited by Phocuswright to participate in this think tank.

Think Tank Objectives:

  • Provide customized briefing for industry leaders
  • Rapid immersion into the most pressing issues facing travel and the related ecosystem
  • Dive into travel industry research
  • Apply a new model for "future-proofing" – thinking more boldly about how to drive business (and the industry) forward in the coming months.

Think Tank Participants