2022 Innovators

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Innovation isn't just for startups - startups, scaleups and established companies are breaking new ground and developing new technologies. This is the stage for companies of any age that are changing the travel landscape.

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  •  alt='Joyned'  title='Joyned'
  •  alt='Sabre'  title='Sabre'
  •  alt='TripStax'  title='TripStax'
  •  alt='Cherry by ReZMe'  title='Cherry by ReZMe'
  •  alt='Netomi'  title='Netomi'
  •  alt='Mobi Systems'  title='Mobi Systems'
  •  alt='TravelX'  title='TravelX'
  •  alt='Gimmonix'  title='Gimmonix'
  •  alt='CELITECH Inc.'  title='CELITECH Inc.'
  •  alt='Mystifly'  title='Mystifly'
  •  alt='Vervotech'  title='Vervotech'
  •  alt='Amadeus'  title='Amadeus'
  •  alt='Tripscout (@hotel)'  title='Tripscout (@hotel)'

Launch: PhocusGroup

The PhocusGroup provides in-session commentary and feedback on each Launch presenter demonstration.


Presented by

Through a continuous exploration of the industry at large and their focus on startups, Phocuswright's expert analyst team invites companies to present at the Phocuswright Innovation Summit. These highly qualified companies highlight the innovations we believe are poised for major breakouts in the next year and beyond.

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  •  alt='StatusMatch.com'  title='StatusMatch.com'
  •  alt='Jyrney'  title='Jyrney'
  •  alt='Fairlyne'  title='Fairlyne'
  •  alt='Fetcherr'  title='Fetcherr'
  •  alt='Grapevine'  title='Grapevine'
  •  alt='GauVendi'  title='GauVendi'
  •  alt='CHOOOSE'  title='CHOOOSE'
  •  alt='Nectar'  title='Nectar'
  •  alt='NeoKe'  title='NeoKe'
  •  alt='Aidaptive, powered by Jarvis ML'  title='Aidaptive, powered by Jarvis ML'

Summit: Dragons

The Dragons provide feedback and ask probing questions to help evaluate the likelihood of success of the business and whether it provides true breakthrough industry value. They score the presenters based on their tech and business innovation to select the Most Innovative Travel Startup of 2022.