2020 Innovators

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The 2020 Phocuswright Innovation: Summit companies were chosen from PhocusWire's Hot 25 Startups for 2021 collection. Those selected have demonstrated their ability to survive the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and are considered well-positioned, able to thrive and make a difference in the recovery process in their respective sectors and/or regions.

Only 10 made the cut and get the chance to show off to the Phocuswright Conference Online 2020 audience on November 12!

  •  alt='Air Doctor'  title='Air Doctor'
  •  alt='BeRightBack'  title='BeRightBack'
  •  alt='CheKin'  title='CheKin'
  •  alt='Kyte'  title='Kyte'
  •  alt='Smooss'  title='Smooss'
  •  alt='Tripkicks, Inc.'  title='Tripkicks, Inc.'
  •  alt='Trueface'  title='Trueface'
  •  alt='Volara'  title='Volara'
  •  alt='Vouch SG Pte Ltd'  title='Vouch SG Pte Ltd'
  •  alt='Wayaj, Inc.'  title='Wayaj, Inc.'


  •  alt='Cloudbeds'  title='Cloudbeds'
  •  alt='HalalBooking'  title='HalalBooking'
  •  alt='Mystifly'  title='Mystifly'
  •  alt='Vizergy'  title='Vizergy'

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